About FDM

Focus Diagnostic Medicine is the world’s premier private clinic for people from around the globe who have been unable to obtain a clear, consistent diagnosis from physicians elsewhere. Many of our patients have already been seen at top academic medical centers, but have been disappointed by their experiences there. We bring together “the best of the best” diagnosticians in a practice dedicated to solving real-life medical mysteries. In that setting we provide an unparalleled level of attention and expertise aimed at pinpointing rare, complex, and elusive diagnoses and helping frustrated patients find the road back to health and serenity.

Focus Diagnostic Medicine’s team evaluates patients at our headquarters in midtown Manhattan. After we conduct a comprehensive review of the patient’s medical record, he or she visits us for an in-depth history and physical examination by a single, lead physician, which may extend over several days. The lead physician will then recommend further diagnostic testing as necessary. Through a strategic alliance with Columbia University’s renowned medical faculty, we are able to rapidly obtain a wide range of laboratory tests, imaging studies, biopsies, subspecialty consultations, and advanced diagnostic procedures. Most of these are performed at Columbia’s new, magnificent, state-of-the-art center in Midtown. We also have access to cutting-edge molecular diagnostic tools such as genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

As the data is obtained, the patient’s lead physician at Focus Diagnostic Medicine analyzes it and synthesizes it into an extensive list of possible diagnoses, consulting throughout the process with the entire FDM medical team, as well as outside experts when indicated. Several cycles of testing and analysis are often necessary, combined with continuous review of previous findings and relevant papers in the medical literature. If the patient desires, further diagnostic testing can be coordinated through his or her local physicians at home, with whom FDM likes to communicate closely. In all, FDM’s work can total tens to hundreds of hours for each patient.

Focus Diagnostic Medicine accepts a flat, upfront fee which covers our physicians’ work for up to a year. Since all laboratory tests are performed by outside providers those expenses are not included in FDM’s fee; they are billed by those providers to patients or, if applicable, their health insurance.