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Perhaps the doctors have been at a total loss, or different doctors have proposed different diagnoses and you don't know which one is correct. Maybe you've been given a diagnosis, but the doctors say something still doesn't quite make sense. Perhaps new, unexplained symptoms have developed on the background of a complicated medical history.

If you or someone you care about is facing one of these challenges, Focus Diagnostic Medicine may be able to help.

People with complex or unusual symptoms find it increasingly difficult to find the answers they need, even at the best-known academic medical centers. The reasons for this include:

Assembly-line Medicine. Most medical practices, even in academia, require physicians to see many patients a day, in rapid succession. This often prevents doctors from thoroughly exploring a patient’s history and physical examination, delving deeply into the relevant medical literature, and thinking at length about challenging cases.

Over-specialization. Medicine is becoming increasingly specialized, and many specialists now have knowledge of only one narrow area of practice. Because of this, each specialist may form an incomplete and inadequate understanding of a patient’s condition.

The Loss of the Diagnostic Specialist. In the past, when the family doctor faced a baffling diagnostic puzzle the patient was referred to the internist, who specialized in such cases. However, over the last few decades the internist has taken on the role of the primary care physician, which leaves little time to stay up-to-date on unusual conditions or to orchestrate a far-reaching, well-researched diagnostic work-up.

Focus Diagnostic Medicine takes a different approach to the undiagnosed patient. We believe in giving our patients a unique level of focus from distinguished physicians who have an exceptionally broad knowledge of medicine and who specialize in solving diagnostic puzzles. We bring together the “best of the best” diagnosticians and give them the time to succeed for our patients; each of our doctors sees no more than three new patients per week, and spends tens to hundreds of hours on each patient’s case. Please read more about our core values and our approach.

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