Senior Physicians

Focus Diagnostic Medicine is seeking first-rank diagnostic internists to serve patients from around the world in our private clinic dedicated to "the difficult diagnosis". Each Senior Physician will see no more than three new patients per week. 100% time and effort will be allocated to clinical care, and there will be no interactions with insurance companies. The role is cognitive; all diagnostic procedures will be obtained through an alliance with a major academic hospital.

Senior Physicians will have had at least 20 years of clinical experience at a top-tier academic center. They will be recognized as outstanding diagnosticians with excellent knowledge of both common and esoteric conditions; they will be "go-to" people for puzzling cases at their current institutions. Senior Physicians may be subspecialty-certified, but will be expected to evaluate patients with diagnostic challenges that span the internal medicine spectrum. Patients will have been pre-screened to ensure that they have objective evidence of organic disease.

The Focus Diagnostic Medicine team will work in our well-appointed private clinic, scheduled to open in New York City in 2012. Benefits of joining our team include:

  • Major upgrade in financial benefits. Your compensation will significantly exceed that available to non-invasive internal medicine subspecialists in academia. Fringe benefits will be excellent.
  • Fascinating diagnostic challenges. You will spend all of your time solving stimulating diagnostic puzzles from around the world.
  • More time on fewer patients. You will see no more than three new patients per week. An initial patient visit may last from several hours to several days. The emphasis will be on depth and thoughtfulness of the work-up, rather than on patient volume.
  • Outstanding diagnosticians “front and center”. At Focus Diagnostic Medicine, master diagnosticians will be the stars of the show. This is in contrast to academia, where high-profile researchers and high-volume interventionalists are often more valued.
  • Team of peers. You will share with your colleagues a commitment to solving the most confounding clinical problems. There will be constant intellectual exchanges, both formal and informal, within the team and with outside experts, resulting in an even more rewarding work environment.
  • Opportunity for “test drive”. In some cases, Focus Diagnostic Medicine may invite candidates to experience this unique opportunity during a sabbatical.